Paper Format

1- Abstracts should consist of 200-250 words; the text of the paper consists of a maximum of 7,000 words (including bibliography).

2- Papers should be written in Microsoft Word, with a minimum margin of 2.5 cm, the entire text in Times New Roman font, 12 pt and 1.5 line spacing; footnotes should be written in 10 font size and single line spacing.

3- Titles should be written bold.

4- Decimal system should be preferred in numbering the headings in the body text -as in the example.


1. First Degree Title

1.1. Second Degree Title

1.2. Second Degree Title

1.2.1. Third Degree Title

1.2.2. Third Degree Title

2. First Degree Title

2.1. Second Degree Title

2.2. Second Degree Title

3. First Degree Title

Name and Surname of the Author

Title, University, Faculty/Instution


Orcid no

Name of the Paper


* Updated summary text  (200-250 words)

Keywords: (There should be at least five concepts. The first of the concepts should be the name of the discipline.)




Body Text

* The paper should contain a maximum of 7,000 words (including bibliography).


The footnotes and references should be based on Chicago or one of the APA citation systems.